Mama Rouge is a Southeast Asian bistro is located right on the Potomac River near Georgetown Waterfront Park. Inside, a colorful dining room pops with red chairs and finishes along with a sleek, Eastern-inspired aesthetic. A full bar, outdoor seating and daily happy hour specials for drinks and hors d’oeuvres all add to the allure of this progressive spot.


Mama Rouge is one of the most conveniently located restaurants in Georgetown set just a five-minute walk down Thomas Jefferson Street and over onto K Street. Further past the restaurant, the Washington Harbour features a breathtaking riverside esplanade with views of the Kennedy Center and several more places to eat!

What to Try

Begin your meal with dynamic fusion treats. The chicken lettuce wraps bring in some Korean and Thai influences adding in kimchee and peanut sauce. Another killer option is the papaya pok pok salad, which comes with a spicy garlic-lime sauce, shrimp powder, green beans, tomatoes and roasted peanuts.

Moving to the main course, you can choose between Southeast Asian favorites like banh mi, pho and curry. The roasted brisket banh mi is unique and delightful with the juicy meat balancing well with the pickled vegetables and kimchi mixed in all sandwiches. BBQ spiced chicken pho offers pungent spice, and the seafood red curry is a refreshing and hodgepodge with mixed seafood, grilled pineapple, shiitake and bamboo shoots.

Close your meal at Mama Rouge with a sweet Vietnamese coffee or one of the many signature cocktails (we are particularly fond of the Sriracha bloody mary).