The Spagnuolo Art Gallery is the premier space for Georgetown University art exhibitions and shows. Displaying works by students as well as curated projects by accomplished artists from around the world, the institution stands as a leading cultural destination in the neighborhood. Its three annual exhibitions take place during the academic year, with a fourth show in  April always focused on work by senior art majors.

The Spagnuolo Art Gallery takes summer vacation with the rest of Georgetown University, closing down May through August and leaving locals and visitors excitedly awaiting the following year’s shows while they remember the quality from the last season.This past year, an exhibition from New Delhi-based photographer Benoy K. Behl focused on exploring Buddhism through architecture and art. His collection displayed at the Spagnuolo Art Gallery was comprised of images from around Asia, including caves in India, a monastery in Tibet, and an excavated Buddha in Afghanistan.

Colette Fu, another internationally inspired photographer,  also held a show  at the Spagnuolo Art Gallery in 2015. She incorporates her photographs into pop up books for a three-dimensional, mosaic viewer experience. GU students wrote multiple descriptions to accompany each of her pieces at the gallery in an experimental effort to offer viewers a multifaceted interpretation representing the complexity of the work better than a typical placard.

We can’t wait for next year’s shows from Philadelphia-based Tim Portlock and Peruvian-born, DC-based Susana Raab. Further in 2016, a show of paintings by Ralph Wickiser, who trained at the Art Institute in Chicago, will round out the season before the annual senior showcase.These curated exhibitions, in addition to the end of the year senior art work, are examples of the refined eye that runs this hub of Georgetown culture. To learn more about next year’s artists,as well as about  the Spagnuolo Art Gallery, check out the institution’s page here.