Whether you’re marathon training or just want to try something new while on vacation, there are plenty of gyms in the Georgetown area to keep you fit and focused during your stay.


This gym offers Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) classes. Similar to military drills, each class alternates 45 second bursts of intense exercises such as squats with kettlebells or short sprints followed by 15 seconds of a recovery time. This approach keeps your metabolism rate high and is guaranteed to build strength and burn fat. 

First class is free and all other classes are $32.

CorePower Yoga

Yoga is a meditative, low-impact workout that tones and increases flexibility while bringing some serenity to your day.  CorePower offers a wide range of classes from beginner Vinyasa to Yoga Sculpt, which incorporates free weights into poses for increased intensity.  

Individual classes are $23.

Barre 3  

Barre classes combine yoga, Pilates, and ballet techniques to isolate and tone individual muscles. The workouts are scalable, so even if you have no experience, Barre 3 is the place to start.

Conveniently located just a few blocks from The Graham, its individual classes cost just $25.

Washington Sports Club

If you are looking for a more traditional gym, then WSC is an excellent option. It has cardio machines, free weights and exercise classes including: yoga, zumba, cycling and personal training packages.

Daily passes are just $15, perfect for travelers. Those of you here for an extended stay can also get a monthly pass for $19.

SoulCycle (Coming Soon)

For all the spin lovers out there, a SoulCycle is coming to Georgetown’s bustling Wisconsin Avenue! Using uplifting music and enthusiastic instructors, this devoutly followed fitness program gives you an intense, calorie-burning workout in just 45 minutes.

Opening early November 2015.

image via flickr