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There’s nothing better than a strong cup of coffee in the morning, and luckily we don’t have to search too far. We’ve compiled our favorite spots across the city where we head for a much needed energy boost.


A popular study spot for Georgetown University students, Saxby’s is a neighborhood staple serving fresh coffee and breakfast items. Be sure to try one of their bagel sandwiches. It’s a cozy spot with brick walls and large windows to bring your laptop and work, but it’s got enough foot traffic to enjoy people watching as well. We love the cold brew iced coffee and the fro-yo as well!

Baked and Wired

As we’ve written previously, Baked and Wired is our favorite down-the-street local cafe.  They serve strong espressos, but better yet, tons of yummy gooey treats like honey pecan shortbread to accompany your beverage. If you’re planning on strolling through the side streets and canal paths of Georgetown, we recommend hitting up B&W on the way and grabbing a coffee au lait. I

La Colombe Torrefaction

A Philadelphia-based coffee establishment, La Colombe recently entered the DC market with its single-origin, farm-direct coffees and draft lattes. This hip, modern shop on 6th & I has a wide open space and plenty of tables. The cafe’s team recently teamed up with world-renowned chef Mario Batali to create a special line of beans, so you can expect something unique during your visit. The shop also offers tastings and brewing lessons for the eager coffee enthusiast.

Counter Culture

For the true aficionado, Counter Culture doesn’t have its own retail cafe, but you can join them for a free tasting or “cupping” every Friday at 10am at the training center in Adam’s Morgan. If you like what you try, you can order bags to take home or ask about local shops serving the brew.


Originally started in Baltimore, this family-owned business opened a cafe and roastery in DC circa 2013, and we are so glad they did!  Zeke operates a small-batch roastery, meaning each batch is only 12 pounds (compared to 150 pounds standard) to guarantee an even roast and lasting freshness. They put care into their beans and you can taste it in every coffee you order. It might be a little far of a drive from Georgetown, but it’s worth it every time.